She got the job because she’s a woman

    Posted on 11-Nov-2019 19:02:17

    Network-Learn-Influence-and-Impact-19.11.19Our very own Dr. Marie-Claude Gervais - one of Versiti's co-founders - will share how the nature of workplace discrimination has changed over the past decade or two, reflecting changes in the legislation at the upcoming 'Increase Your Influence & Impact' event hosted by The Rising Network on 19th November 2019 in Central London.

    It is now illegal to discriminate openly, but the social norms that led to sexism and racism have not entirely gone away. As a result, sexism and racism get expressed differently, and that can be undermining the status and achievement of women and people from ethnic minority backgrounds who have succeeded by assuming that they are promoted ‘just because’ of their gender or ethnicity.

    Tokenism and typecasting are just two of the topics covered in this provocative discussion.

    Details of this event, along with ticket information, can be found here.

    Written by Stephen Cribbett

    Topics: Gender

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