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    Posted on 21-Jun-2019 13:06:55

    Next week sees the 2019 EphMRA Annual Conference in Warsaw, where Versiti's co-founder, Dr. Marie-Claude Gervais will be presenting a plenary session alongside one of her research participants - the first time this has ever been done on-stage at the event!

    The presentation draws on her work for Macmillan Cancer Support that sought to understand and address cancer inequalities among people from minority ethnic backgrounds, LGBT people and older people.

    The project involved 90 cancer patients from these seldom-heard groups in articulating their own experiences and unmet needs, guided by researchers in collaboration with healthcare professionals and diversity specialists, in a digital environment, to help co-create better services.

    Shae Eccleston will join Marie-Claude to talk about the experience of taking part and the long-term impact it has had on her health, her life and her longer-term commitment to use this ‘repowering’ experience to help improve cancer services for all. We also explore what are legitimate expectations and adequate support structures for patients who are prepared to use their lived experience to help.

    You can find out more about the conference here.

    Written by Stephen Cribbett

    Topics: Equality

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