Meet Versiti at MRS Impact 2020

    Posted on 06-Feb-2020 11:26:36

    We're delighted to confirm that our Research Director, Dr. Marie-Claude Gervais, will be on the speakers panel at the upcoming MRS Impact 2020 conference which is taking place on the 10-11 March at Hilton Bankside.

    Marie-Claude will be featuring on Day 1 of the conference in the following session at 2.20pm:

    2020 Society: fragmentation, connection, inclusion. 

    How do we create a future fit for all? Our society's foundations are based around white, male, straight, cis, able-bodied perceptions of the world - and that needs to change. Research can only be part of this inclusive future if it starts to address the unconscious (and sometimes all-too-conscious) biases in methodology, sampling and even the profession itself. Join our panel debate to learn how the pathfinders are doing just that.


    You can find more information, and book tickets, on their website at

    Written by Stephen Cribbett

    Topics: Diversity

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