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    Hirra Khan Adeogun

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    4 events to D.I.E for

    It might be a few weeks yet till the end of 2019, but we’ve already got our sights firmly on...

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    Blue Story and Vue: The criminalisation of Black art

    Black art, and its association with marginalised communities and resistance, is embedded in the...

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    Luxury brands are missing out on ethnic minority customers

    Ethnic minority communities are redefining the codes of the luxury sector: the future now trumps...

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    Without diversity & inclusion, AI is replicating the racism of humans

    ImageNet Roulette is an art project that allows users to see how an AI would classify them. It’s...

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    Why Your Corporate Culture Has To Match Up To Your Diversity Marketing

    In recent years, as consumers become ever more discerning about how and where they spend their...

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    Who Owns Culture?

    Last week, I attended a forum for civilised disagreement hosted by Tortoise, called ThinkIn,...

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