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    Dr Marie-Claude Gervais

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    Racism: can we trust people of colour when they claim racial discrimination?

    Spring 2020. Television screens, social media accounts and radio waves are awash with news of...

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    Diversity, Inclusion & Equality in the time of COVID-19

    This week I had the pleasure of chairing a webinar organised by Hansuke on “Diversity, Inclusion...

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    Opening Eyes: The Insights Behind RNIB's New Brand and Communication Strategy

    Last week, I was delighted to be invited to speak at AURA's first ever online seminar and share...

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    Alone together: Research with vulnerable people in the UK

    Research with vulnerable or seldom-heard groups is even more important during the Covid-19...
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    Finding the right brand ambassadors to open up more diverse markets

    Choosing who will act as your brand ambassadors is a consequential decision. Get it right and...

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    That Renault ad and the pursuit of consistency

    It's funny how memories are tied to places. How much easier it is to remember events in one's...

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    Challenging sexist typecasting and tokenism

    Let’s all challenge ourselves not to typecast people based on their gender or other...

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    A conversation about Modern Masculinity

    Our understanding of masculinity is changing, fast. It is redefining our very culture and...

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    What ethnic minority consumers really want from global brands

    To successfully engage with ethnic minorities, brands need to step away from stereotypes and...

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