Are you losing control? You should be..

    Posted on 23-Jan-2019 11:44:52

    Many individuals, organisations, businesses and foundations are searching for new strategies to improve their effectiveness right now. In order to do so, they need to let go of traditional ‘command and control’ organisational models and standard campaign techniques in favour of methods that focus on flatter hierarchies, dispersed leadership, collective decision-making and grassroots participation

    In short, they need to lose some control. 

    Losing-Contol-RGB-01Losing Control is a wonderful event hosted by the Social Change Agency and Practical Governance, and this year Versiti’s own Dr. Marie-Claude Gervais will be talking about how digital communities can be used to engage seldom-heard people to 1) identify their experiences and unmet needs, and 2) provide a structured tool for collaboration and co-creation. It draws on our work with LGBT, ethnic minority and older cancer patients.

    Last year more than 100 participants heard from people who have been at the forefront of accelerating social change, for example by adopting more inclusive decision making, creating collaborative campaigns, promoting genuine diversity and giving those with lived experience a voice. Attendees last year worked together to support 10 social movements to find their own path to Lose Control.

    At this years event on 5-6 February 2019, new strategies and tools will be explored that can help people to do this themselves, including online tools, new governance models, storytelling and movement building strategies.

    Click this link to learn more and book your place. You can also listen to a podcast by Marie-Claude Gervais talking about the event and her experiences here.

    Written by Stephen Cribbett

    Topics: Inclusion, Equality, Marketing

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