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    Soul Searching, Not Box-Ticking: One Person's Experience Of An Online Research Community of Cancer Patients

    Posted by Marie-Claude Gervais on 11-Dec-2018 12:59:57

    (This is the full version of a personal account of being a participant of an online research community, that appeared on Research Live on 11th December 2019. What follows is Shae Eccleston's account of her incredible experience)

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    Topics: "Equality", Research Practice

    How working on minority issues changes your perspective on the world

    Posted by Marie-Claude Gervais on 10-Dec-2018 11:59:00

    (The following is a transcript from a talk given by Dr. Marie-Claude Gervais, Research Director at Versiti, at an event hosted by The Foundation in December 2018. The event was designed to help people perceive our world in ways that are unconventional)

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    Topics: "Equality", "diversity marketing", diversity management,, Diversity, Inclusion

    Mental Health and Depression In The UK

    Posted by Marie-Claude Gervais on 20-Nov-2018 15:33:19

    As much as 90% percent of the UK workforce have been affected by mental health challenges, with two thirds reported having personally experienced mental health challenges according to Accenture.

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    Topics: Cultural insight

    Black, Asian And Ethnic Minorities' Access to Wealth and Financial Services

    Posted by Stephen Cribbett on 15-Nov-2018 07:50:30

    In a recent report published by M&C Saatchi, titled The Black Pound, a staggering 65% of people living in the UK that are black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) felt they needed more access to financial knowledge to be able to access greater wealth. Worse still, 70% of the same cohort felt undervalued as consumers in the UK.

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    Topics: Consumer insight, Listen & Understand, Inclusion

    Versiti discussing TedxWomen's theme, 'Showing Up'

    Posted by Stephen Cribbett on 05-Nov-2018 10:06:02

    Over at Tedx, this years TedWomen's theme is 'Showing Up'. Women the world over no longer accept the status quo and are rising up, breaking out and pushing boundaries further than ever before.

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    Topics: "Equality"

    TV Broadcasters' Drive Towards Greater Diversity

    Posted by Stephen Cribbett on 05-Nov-2018 09:46:09

    Why diversity and inclusion strategies must start with insight

    Mention the word ‘diversity’ to most people and their default thinking is around the makeup of workforces. That’s a good start, but if you’re a brand or a broadcaster, then you also have to think about the makeup of the people you serve: your audience or customers.

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    Topics: Diversity, Inclusion, Listen & Understand

    Diversity Marketing: Branding for the Muslim Population

    Posted by Stephen Cribbett on 17-Sep-2018 11:15:18

    Brands and organisations, local or global, need to take Muslims seriously. They must understand, respect and engage them if they want to grow, and they need to do it now.

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    Topics: "diversity marketing", Cultural insight, Muslim, marketing

    Reframing Diversity: Innovation Through Inclusion

    Posted by Marie-Claude Gervais on 13-Sep-2018 16:49:12

    Diversity is all around us. Literally.

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    Topics: "HR", Diversity, "Equality", diversity management,

    About Protected Characteristics and Why They Matter To Diversity

    Posted by Stephen Cribbett on 12-Sep-2018 15:00:43

    In the world of diversity and inclusion, Protected Characteristics are talked about and used a lot, but if you don’t operate in this space then you’re probably wondering what they are and why they matter. If so then we've compiled this short guide to bring you up to speed and help you understand why Protected Characteristics matter.

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    Topics: Diversity, "Equality", "Gender", "HR"

    Diversity Marketing: Muslims And Non-alcoholic Beverages

    Posted by Lucas Rehman on 04-Sep-2018 14:44:16

    To Beer Or Not To Beer: How Understanding Muslim Consumers Could Transform The Non-alcoholic Drinks Market

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    Topics: Brand strategy, Innovation & NPD, Muslim, Diversity